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How China's human flesh.

But also eat a virgin anymore! At the village site is small but quiet and secluded, but still a point of access roads for travelers abroad. Some travelers often have to walk alone through this, moreover, they also would like to stay in the family population in these villages. But of them, if the girl that was the family home as "prey" is sure that she will be imprisoned beetles loose to "grow-out", during feeding, breeding in her girls are not out of the house, "the virgin flesh" not having sex with men, because that meat virgin, the lower the delicious than she had experienced about the assignment. Then adopted the new year, then tied back home to carry out "feed blood", then the whole family will enjoy a dedicated meat dishes throughout the spring, can also bring back the meat sold to the National families do not have "harvested", the share as brother obsolete, dull wife or the family has no women to apply for accommodation, travel Women travelers have their choice of families where both husband and wife face looks encouraging climate.
Also because, often reach the festival when almost no international travelers here, so where this story has no meat eaters surgery, she was discovered, to his books because the car flipped, reflecting the recent school friend , is available only to visit her here him play, it's new file items firsthand the slaughter process - - This girl over twenty years, workers, half a year before her resignation, and also because they have not found any suitable job, the spectacular new painting marine travel, please stay home immediately caught my fellow "meat culture." Now, new bath has been carried out, her own naked, because her skin was cold, so flushed up. Your uncle was a security worker in the village should be clean while washing her daughter, he used handcuffs, handcuff her back to the washing is easy.
Villagers for the case "human flesh", they are considered as surgical goat, pig, is apparently commonplace. You do not have a girlfriend, I said, "so beautiful that she brings to the eating of meat is too vain to go, or is he took her as his wife did not have to be better? My friend said, he has a village is not taken of the village girls, because for them, the girls in the village were slaughtered only used to eating alone. Courtship stories often days together, they often told each other the girls arrested for a YEAR BEFORE eaters (pigs for food festival), the rate of assessment like Ms. Liu, I heard the catch was a "UNIVERSITY YEAR BEFORE" How sick shark? "Left is raising, so to eat ...", as he said, YEAR BEFORE handcuffs were removed, and tied properly, very nice girl, very attractive body, she was shaved clean. I told you, when she caught a half years ago, she was very sick, but now has more fat then. They also said the girl tied hands tied behind his back legs are all right, her revolving door Despite struggling how not.
The girl was then placed on a long table, two uncles I hold your girl, your father, I pulled her hair back, and available to the sport inspired blood just below her neck. Beautiful People would be exorbitant for a moment, I see very similar emergency, hold your breath, get instant camera to take pictures Monday.
\ There are cries "like a pig so so", but actually, who are facing hardships map is also very calm, even cry, she knew no one to save my co.Rieng I also have the compassion, but I think only the guests, I would not say anything more, also bear alone, moreover, she was laid out in the mass meat is delicious enough to I have thoughts you want to eat meat, I decided to eat her, though, where people have easy meat that is eaten first. First, the street knife at her neck, immediately ejected blood splash, spray all over your hands Butchers, a knife was stabbed into the neck and cut through, the door to let her blood flow more nhanh.Co so cut throat, can not cry, but only very strong struggle revolving door, but because of all arms and legs were tied ... Shoulders, hips and legs were uncontrollable, so the struggle completely disabled.
Enough blood temporarily and then, she was laying on the ground, one is to change the position to control the blood, the other is to remove the ropes. Yellow Dog is now also running to the toilet, before its factory was little blood Nhut to "break", and dark as it would have been less of the bone to which the scorpion girl playing.
Wire was then removed, the girl was carried to the place clean, the Butchers began washing his blood on her ... In the end we review her body after shaving washed again, she will be cut meat and cut off limbs,
In the film, I take pictures it is not difficult, but when down to the bottom, take pictures, then my hand started shaking. Since we can not control the trembling hands, so the next pictures I took are not very clear, I can not continue to take pictures for relatives and ... The next phase is mechanically cut off limbs and organs.
Her body was completely cut meat, remove and cut away the useless bones, piles of raw meat was soft and displayed on the table for dissection.
These days, a small village often hear cries of the girl about to be sent for slaughter, the sound of sharpening knives, * a cup of English, the language of sport * ng into each other. In this village is the unwritten rule, a person can only eat meat when the only spring festival, and each household is only entitled to a severance slaughtered. This house because he had two families staying here, should be a Hit Man meat two girls.
Butcher knife hand used large trees from the direction on the bone (see picture) enclosed space of a strong girl down sheave. Some people believe that the U.S. image as a girl meat jigsaws, photoshop image or a video image of that horror. BBTVL sent pictures and emails for help to organizations around the world to Tibet Source Authentication Believe it or at least they have other relevant facts of this matter. In the meantime more information about events on Vietland would offer an article on the phenomenon of cannibalism within China by Nicholas D. Kristof author and Sheryl Wudunn of the New York Times. As a translator, said Vinh, the In 1992, the couple Nicholas D. Kristof and journalist Sheryl Wudunn of the New York Times has found some records of the Chinese Communist reveal many details related to horror cases of collective cannibalism in the "Cultural Revolution" in some towns and villages in Guangxi at the end of 1960. According to this document is at least 137 people and possibly hundreds more people were eating. Each victim had been a dozen people ate. So some people can eat up to thousands of people. Motivated cannibalism has character "ideology" rather than starvation or madness. The cannibalism is the place where public gatherings are often due to the officials the Chinese Communist Party organizations. All participants who ate in public to prove his revolutionary enthusiasm. Here are some typical cases: - The luck and eat the meat of the first principal is the girlfriend of his son. She wanted to show that broke with their feelings and she is no less red one. - In some schools, students cut and burned more teachers and principals in the school yard and eat the flesh of the victims to celebrate victory. - The restaurant is owned dangling corpses hanging on meat hooks and move the meat to the government officials. There is a document drafted in 1980 by local officials criticize, criticized the cruelty occurred in Guizhou in the Cultural Revolution - In a private meeting at the middle school level in Shang Shi, 12 people have been killed. Some hooks to the liver is taken to state-owned restaurants. Shi Shang also in social, military commissioned director killed Deng Yang Xion has ties to boil and eat. The next day, he killed four more people add new liver and the distribution to two or three teams with food production to prove the "tyranny of the collective." - The dead also humiliated and destroyed: in the commune Siyang Lu Lu, Huang Shaoping, elementary school teacher at River Guangjing, Chen Guolian Shikang Town, after being beaten to death, stripped naked to get stabbed que into the vagina, exposed body next to the road. - At commune Pu Bei, gangster names of 10 labor unions Bo Jian Zheng Xue tied with 17-year-old girl. These guys are dead beat and raped Jian Zheng * collective girls. Then beaten to death, new liver, breast and vulva luck ... she - Commune in Dongxing, a labor union NaBo Zhang Yueye executed, but that he was not dead, he was director of the department's anticorruption placed explosives in the hole his nose, as his flesh and blood Splatters. In the social struggle in Qinzhou, a female spokesperson, Lu Jiezhen arrested and stabbed to death. She then stripped and pants crammed into their vagina cannon fuse results. Most of those killed was former landlords or intellectuals or their descendants. A woman was forced to identify and correct factors husband was killed, with Morocco and has been eating meat almost all gone. Did so for political crimes she loved the name "counter-revolutionary", she was ordered to sleep near her husband's skull. Most of those involved in the cannibalism in Guangxi were only misdemeanors after the Cultural Revolution (expelled from the party or demoted), none was a crime. Her chief assistant, a communal social Wuxuan, there penis Tastes of the victims were black, only officials and was expelled from the party. It is only a very small number of documents that the two reporters said there was. According to them, someday, historians will have myriad opportunities to find true horror, disgust again throughout China. But that is past. Currently, the early 21st century, just 3-4 thousand yuan (400 dollars) a soup can enjoy it added, made from the fetus 6 and 7 months old, the Chinese consider " positive commercial paper. "feudal times of starvation cannibalism, time-communist cultural revolution to eat tghit people who have proved themselves strong communist stance, civilization computer time, baby food works use of "complementary care blood gas" to longevity with prolonged sexual desire in old age. Taiwanese businessmen in Guangdong recently proclaimed a movement creep fed: growing fetus. Just three, four thousand yuan can enjoy the local soup made from the fetus 6 and 7 months old, the Taiwanese businessmen such as "positive commercial paper." Radio Free trade them - owns a factory in Dong Wan - consider themselves to be guest of fetal farming, said: "The fetus of a couple of months, plus some herbs ... Agree not translate, tunnels of 8 sound effects are added gas, blood sugar. " Holding a 19-year-old girls include Hunan, Wang yang yang vain said: "With the age of 62 like me, every night can be done once (make love) as a result of its effects." See look Journalists face skepticism, he went voluntarily to lead journalist "open knowledge". The first station, he led journalists to the city, fuel Shan (Buddhist painting) Guangdong Province, to find restaurants fetal farming, unfortunately boss Lee said: "ribs (refer to the fetus) is not easy to find, currently unavailable. This category can not be frozen, to eat good fresh. "Boss Li for us, if you really want to eat," a couple other provinces to make rent, which is currently eight months pregnant, because there two daughters, so if there was a girl, you can eat. "Journalists are still selling selling private rooms, interview survey takes only a few weeks and still hear that spring is close look, was thought to give , no doubt a few days after Mr. Wang called newspaper: "Find the best goods, cold weather is moving, there are some who want to nourish you." He led journalists to Taishan, go to the restaurant, the boss High lead them into the kitchen all of us, "declared the label's" Look at the body the fetus with refractory small kitten lying on the cutting board, Mr Cao said somewhat sheepishly: "5 month old, a little bit small." Mr. Cao said that the female fetus is identified by a friend who earn less than the countryside, he did not want to disclose the purchase price and, saying only that prices depend on month old and live or die. Mr. Wang also said, eating a meal out 3.500 currencies, other details, he did not care. Journalist hear people say the fetus died from an abortion to save property or be sold to a few hundred currency broker, if the fetus is alive, premature birth, the currency around 2000, considered as a purchase for adoption. When the fetus was delivered to the restaurant is dead, and previous pregnancy chuyeen live or die is not important. This edge journalist meal without tasting the liver, after visiting the kitchen is complete without eating anything for a long time, came back pretending to report sick. The dishes are made from female fetuses. Is this policy harms a child, or is interested in enrichment practices of the Chinese people.

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